how to make movie theater popcorn

How to Make Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

It’s certainly the great delicacy to have popcorn to munch on while watching a movie in the theater as it proves to be a filling snack and also provides amazing taste. So, whenever you watch a movie in the theater, you always need your large sized cup of your favorite popcorn to get awesome flavored popcorn to enhance the thrill of a movie. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to always go to a movie to enjoy your favorite popcorn as now you can make movie theater popcorn at home. You can savor the great flavor of your favorite movie theater popcorn at home and that too by following the simple steps without having the need to specialize in the field or having the professional expertise to get the yummy popcorn. You can also read in details about the the best Popcorn popper reviews which will tell you how to use the best method to make movie theater popcorn at Home.

How to Make Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

how to make movie theater popcorn

It is unquestionably true that popcorn are considered as the most popular and widely enjoyed snacks among the movie goers, but if you really desire to enjoy the amazing flavors of movie theater popcorn at home, then you need to follow the simple steps with the required ingredients. So, let’s take a look into the simple guide on how to make them.

1. Ingredients Required to Make Delicious Popcorn

Before initiating the process of making the world’s most desired delicacy at your home, it’s significant to look at the few ingredients, which need to be there on your kitchen shelf to get started. The first ingredient required is that of 1 cup of kernels, which would be satisfying for maximum three persons. Then you need all of that good old butter to add amazing taste to your popcorn and make sure that the butter should be equal to one stick and it’s your preference whether you need salty butter or non salted butter. The third most important ingredient is cooking oil, which should not be used more than that from 2 to 3 tablespoons. The choice of cooking oil depends upon your preference as you can opt for olive oil, coconut oil as majority of movie theaters prefer to use the coconut oil. The coconut oil is recommended as it’s light and healthy along with adding a smooth layer of finesse which provides the delicate texture and at the same time doesn’t provide the coconut flavor in the end product.

2. Clarification of Butter

The next step is to get your butter, clarified and this is done only to remove excess water from the butter, so that the popcorn become crunchy and tasty. So, just take a stick of butter and microwave it only for thirty seconds. The reason being that within the span of 30 seconds, the butter gets clarified and you can easily notice the formation of three layers of the butter. The topmost layer is that of foam, the middle layer is that of clarified butter and the bottom layer consists of milk solids. Then rest this melted butter till it gets cool down and all the layers settle down, and then remove the foamy layer as much as possible to get the real clarified butter along with milk solids.

3. Popping Up of Kernels.

Yes, now you reach the most exciting step of making your awesome popcorn at home. The reason I’m calling it exciting is because the right popping is needed to get amazing movie theater popcorn at home. So, bring up a big sized pot with a lid as popping of kernels need space. So, the lighter the pot the better it is, as you need to shake the pot frequently. So, now add the butter in a pot and put it onto high flame and let the butter melts, then put the kernels in it and shake the pot well, so that each kernel gets its adequate share of coconut oil or oil of your preference to get its crunchy flavor. Then popping starts and now cover the lid while keeping it slightly open, so as to let the steam come out, otherwise, the popcorn will come out soggy, and that you surely don’t want. Make sure to shake the pot in-between and soon you hear the least sound of popping. This implies to turn off your burner and keep the lid covered for a few minutes and then pour your clarified butter onto the popcorn and keep away milk solids as we only need to clarify butter and then mix it well and sprinkle little salt over them.

So, these steps help you know How to Make Movie Theater Popcorn at Home to serve and enjoy.


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